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*Non Sexual Service*

You may be heading back out into a new career, you may be going back to the office, you may be trying to balance gym workouts with a business lifestyle, you may have concerns about being in crowds and dining out.

With so many factors that have changed and continue to do so, you may have been left with a feeling of the unknown in the outside world. Your safety concerns are important before anything.

I have noticed immediately that people have just gone right back into dining out, take away, restaurants, even calling on delivered meals, BUT you do not know who is actually cooking your food. Is the chef cooking with safety and concerns for your health and most importantly love?

I have also thought about unknown factors of such major changes to lifestyles, that is why I have decided to combine a few skills in one package.

First and most importantly, this is NOT a sexual service. Think of it as your private chef, catering for your dietary needs, meals cooked for you anytime you need them. Additionally you are getting a companion for the time I spend cooking for you. It comes down to you being in control of where you would like the time spent to go. My job is to cook for you, talk to you, laugh with you, I can be, not just your Chef, but what ever you may require, if that is what you wish of me.

You make the choices, I will do my job and I will respect any of your needs and wants or decisions, if I am leaving after making your meals it is not an issue to me as I am providing my time to cook for you before anything else. You have the option of any additional requests of me. You may just need company and someone to talk to, what better way to spend that time by having a personal chef.

You are in charge, if you ask me for romantic company that is what you shall receive, if you ask me for intimacy I will do as you wish. I have no boundaries or limitations should you seek to live out your fantasies. I am here to help you both sensually and sexually. BUT it is NOT a priority for me and that is why I have stated it is not a sexual service, you are the only one who can change that if you feel to ask me for assistance.

*This service is private, one on one, safe and secure between you and I, it is to be kept on a discrete, adult professional level at all times*

I welcome all further enquiries to my contact supplied and this is where we can discuss further details, I will be more than happy to supply what I look like but only via correct contact.

I am a Chef, I am clean, professional, fully vaxed, I could be fully waxed or semi waxed, your choice. I am in great health and physical appearance. I am a mature adult with plenty of life experiences and travels.

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Are you a single woman on the go? Do you have a busy work life which results in nutrition neglect?

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