3 Bed rooms 69$ 2Bed rooms 50$ Single Bed room 35$ Carpet Cleanings Melbourne is your true destination when you are looking for reliable and effective carpet cleaning services. We have cost-effective solutions for your valuable carpets and our experienced cleaners know just how to restore your favorite carpets to their original look. Carpets are a valuable asset and a more valuable investment. How can you keep them absolutely clean and utterly healthy so that your loved ones could play safely on them? Some might suggest homely methods and it has been found that professional carpet cleaning is required to keep bacteria, germs, and pollutants at an arm s length from your property. You should get your carpets cleaned at regular intervals because Carpets get dirty over a period of time and it becomes difficult to clean them thoroughly. Apart from dirt and soil, carpets also consist of VIRUS, BACTERIA, GERM, DUST MITES, allergens and all sorts of pollutants. All these contaminants find your dirty carpet conducive to their growth and hence they make it their home. Such contaminants residing in your carpets can cause serious health issues to you and your loved ones. And these could lead to unwanted situations in the workplace too. Dirty carpets often lose their softness. Dirty carpets lose their brightness and luster. Carpets that are not cleaned regularly have a rather short span of life. Apart from the regular dirt catching up in the carpets, there are occasions when you spill something or the other on your precious carpet and try hard to get rid of those stains. But some stains do not go away with home methods. Stains if untreated can again become conducive for dangerous contaminants.

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