$25 Paperback $35 Hardback This book covers how to do a deep, whole body detox naturally. It s so deep, it clears the way for spiritual growth! The program is called the Purification Program and has been completed by tens of thousands of people across the globe. It s very successful. WHY YOU MUST BUY AND READ THIS BOOK We live in a world riddled with drugs while our air, water, and even our food contain chemical toxins. The effects from drugs don t end when a person stops taking them. The fact is they can last for years. During his research into the effects of drugs on the human mind, LRH discovered that LSD and other drug and chemical residues can remain in the body years after they were taken. This explained why someone who had used LSD in the past could suddenly experience flashbacks and hallucinations, as if they had just taken more of it. Give yourself a fresh start. The Purification Program is the solution to effectively rid your body of these harmful substances, eliminating their devastating effects, opening the way to mental and spiritual advancement. The gains from the Purification Program include Feeling fresh, brighter and more alertAbility to think clearlyIncreased energy and enthusiasmA calm and more positive attitude about yourself and othersOn this rundown, you can step out of the fog and into a world that is fresh and new. Persons completing it have reported a remarkable surge in life and vitality. You can experience life changing results and clear the way for spiritual gain. Website http //

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Clear Body Clear Mind - Detoxification

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