I am Brazilian, 25 years old, graduated in Forestry Engineering in 2014 and currently studying Remedial Massage Therapy. About me I am a woman who loves life and the small precious moments it contains. Passionate for nature, wellbeing and people. Willing to promote love and kindness throughout my journey and leave a good mark in people' s life, because in the end we are all one and the goodness we cause in others return in double to ourselves. My journey as Nanny started naturally when I was still only a kid. At the age of 6 years three babies blessed our family, where since then I was the only kid, that awaken my maternal side and I was so good at this that my mom and auntie would allow me to change the baby s nappies. In the early 2000 in Brazil we would use disposable nappies only at special occasions, so I needed to know how to fold properly the nappies according to the sex. That was very fun for me. When adolescent, I got my first job at 11 years taking care of a neighbour s baby in the mornings before school. That encouraged me to volunteer at the church where my family used to attend, and once a week I would take care of babies and kids under my age while their parents were listening to the Pastor. Three years later this experience led to a couple of friends of my parents trust in me to be the responsible for their baby girl Amanda, it was a part-time job 5 days a week for at least 6 months. I loved it! I remember when Amanda got sick with high fever, so little, and I managed to take care of her without calling her parents, it was a challenge but everything that is made with love prevail. However, the most remarkable experience as Nanny I ve got in Ireland in 2016. Molly and Harry, a couple of twins aged two years and their family changed my life forever. Firstly, because I was a Nanny live in, and had my bedroom upstairs among the other rooms. Secondly, because Harry has a physical disability that unable him to walk what some way affected his speech, doctors said that it would refer to a frustration he felt for seeing his sister doing everything by herself. Beyond medication, I was in charge of his physical and speech exercises (min 2 hours every day), making sure to register everything and any progress on a book that his mother would show to the doctor weekly. Harry was an adorable baby, we got so close, Molly as well, but I got a deep connection with him. I would cheer so much when he did any progress, as much as cry at the times he wasn t willing to do anything. That job required a lot of my creativity to encourage him and make him feel like playing instead of exercising, as well as double attention not just because they were twins but the job that was requested from me was very special. And I decided to put all my love and heart on that and I am sure I left a good impact in their lives. It was the most challenging six months of my life, great life lessons! If you feel we match and I am the trustful person you are looking for to take care of your precious children, attached is my CV and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a million! Best Regards Bruna Luchtenberg.

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Experienced Nanny all ages and special babies with special needs.

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