TOUR DATES MARCH 9 to MARCH 15 NO facesitting, NO Ass worship, NO sex. 100% natural, no tattoo, no piercing, none smoking, sober. VISCERAL SEDUCTION UNDER A SAPIOPHILE CONNECTION, OUR GUIDING STAR There can be no abandonment without trust. Nurturing an authentic connection is the foundation of my domination; I remain sincere in all my interactions and expect my subjects to do the same. No scene is ever the same with me, my ephemeral scenes are to be lived here and now. What we will build will be unique and only for us: in a safe space of truth and respect, we will grow as dominant and submissive and nurture an intimate and meaningful bond. In this space without fear, you will allow yourself to be deftly used and beautifully manipulated by a woman you would not dare to disobey. LEADING WITH FLAIR A talented sadist knows that torture often requires no pain at all, but if you enjoy physical torment, I may indulge. Under my skilled guidance, you will embark on a submissive journey of sensual, intellectual, and emotional discovery. In submission to me, you will feel naturally compelled to follow as far as I lead you into my world of depraved delights. My control will shape a transcendent experience that pushes you deep into sub-space. My domination doesn't have to be harsh to leave you helplessly lustful and to command your total submission. THE DANCE With a mixture of twisted wit and natural elegance, you will surrender to my intoxicating feminine supremacy. My domination style reflects a sensual huntress's intuition: attentively observing your every reaction, I unravel the folds of your psyche and study every inch of your anatomy slowly closing in on you. In this intimate tango, I dance with my prey, each step unfolding instinctually. FROM A PASSION TO A VOCATION As a *****, I remember crushing boys’ balls in my hands, feeling the skin bubble up between my fingers, imposing my superiority even at 4 years old. My thirst for control grew with time, and today, my greatest pleasure lies in grasping male minds and converting them into my toys. I have trained and practiced in BDSM for over 8 years, and my unquenchable curiosity pushes me to perfect my craft continually. I am a sapiosexual, and stimulating my intellect is my greatest turn on. INTEGRITY As much as I enjoy mischievous play, respecting consent and the limits of my subject are non-negotiable. Health, safety, risk awareness and communication are essential elements of ethical BDSM. Applying my education in physiology and anatomy and love of psychology, I specialize in delivering exquisite, creative and safe BDSM fantasies. I am fully equipped with instruments that are properly sterilized, sanitized, or covered, offering you complete peace of mind when it comes to your wellbeing. Even if I enjoy your suffering, we will review mental and physical security guidelines together before play begins. When it comes to activity negotiations, assertiveness is our mutual responsibility. You may expect blunt honesty from me, and reciprocally, I request you exercise equal sincerity in our every interaction. OUR STORY BEGINS Together, we will uncover your authentic voice as a submissive. Enter a safe and sensual space to explore physical, cerebral, and emotional power exchange, and in which you will be validated and accepted exactly as you are. By building a connection based on profound trust, we will lay the foundation for your servitude to me. Experience the bliss of being effortlessly controlled by a trustworthy professional and expert dominant. It's time to let go, obey, and adore your Mistress Evangeline.

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Push past the mediocre into the extraordinary

3 years ago
Downtown CBD Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Mistress Evangeline Ducharme

Last seen:  3 years ago