QueenslandStrawberry We areofficially registered in Australia Government, so defiantly you can get asecond year visa. Of course, it is tax job. 777% ofpossibility to get second year visa. 9.5% ofPension. Location =Caboolture (40 50 minutes away from Brisbane City Crop =Strawberry Job = Picking & packing We workaround 6-10 hours a day and 6 days a week. PICKING UNIT PRICE 1Kg $1.60c PACKING UNIT PRICE Tumble 13ceach Flat 16c each Cube 17ceach 2nd 22ceach PaymentMethod When youstart work, you can receive your first wage after 2 weeks, and after that youmay get every week. Wetransfer your wage to your account every week. Of course you can receive thetax refund 100% and payslips through your email as well. Schedulefor the Crops MAR Strawberries Planting APR Strawberries Cleaning (Some people work as a hourly pay worker) Early ofMAY to OCT Picking and Packing (Girls are priority to work) of Strawberries As i toldyou i am the top worker in our farm. In myhouse, everyone earns money a lot. We help each other everyday. If youfeel tired or hard, i can help, and teach you how to do the works. For theladies, every men are going to support you. Trust meand come to our farm, then you would earn money how much you want. FarmHouse Rent Feefor Farm House Weeklypayment $90 per week, $100 of deposit, and 2 weeksnotice to leave. Just let us know when will you leave If youfeel hot, turn on the air conditioner. If you feel cold, turn on the heater. I amwelcome if you are good in cleaning. Stay withdifferent kinds of nation friends. If youhave anything to fix it, tell me. We haveparty every weekend if you like. I amtrying to do my best that you feel like in holiday. Mobile ******** 676    click to reveal  EM rhr******@******com    click to reveal      click to reveal  EM rhr******@******com    click to reveal  /.

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Queensland Strawberry

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3 years ago
Melbourne Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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