Submission is not about authority and it is not obedience it is all about relationships of love and respect. Peruse my website for a list of all activities I offer You know your instructions. You ve done exactly as I ve told you, although you re excited, afraid, and deeply aroused. You re unsure of who you ll meet, but as you walk down the cobbled alleyway, you have a sense that something amazing is waiting. The envelope sits firmly in your hand. Palm slightly sweating, as the wind brushes your already hardening cock. You think back to the website you stumbled across. Eyes wide and green seem to demand your presence. You realize that your entire body is flushed, warm, tingling as you quicken your pace. Taking a deep breath in, you quickly rap the wooden door three times sharply. Heels click on the wooden floor in front of you, drawing closer. Anticipation and fear, mingled with a yearning to be consumed. The door slowly opens, to reveal wicked eyes, and a sinful smile. A beckoning pull inside the incredible apartment. High ceilings, brass fitting, warm, and inviting. As she turns and walks up the stairs, Her plump and tender ass is suddenly in your face, for a moment. You d follow that ass anywhere. You follow her slender shape to Her boudoir, and before you know it she s standing above you. She walks to the foot of the bed, not speaking. Green eyes piercing into you. You start to speak, and she raises one finger to your lips, hushing your words. She reaches down and casually brushes one nipple with her mouth. Fingers trail softly down your body. Her hand trails down between your legs, and grasps your balls. Who owns these balls? She demands. Fervently you whisper, You do, Mistress. Voice like honey, she instructs. Open your legs wider, slave. Your legs are already widely spread, but you do as Mistress commands. WIDER!!! she bellows. She seems pleased, and elegant heels clack around the bed. A smile plays at the corner of Her lips. She can see sweat gathering at your temples, and it seems to please Her. Good That s good she murmurs, smiling slightly. Don t move. You lay there, completely naked, contorted on the bed for Mistress. She steps back, perusing Her tools of pleasure and pain. Wood, leather, steel. As you wonder what is in store for you today... Website http //

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Welcoming all kink beginners! – 30

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